Conscripts pilot

Piloting the well-being data of conscripts in boosting physical condition

A pilot project between the Finnish Defence Forces, Suunto and Tieto is enabling conscripts and reservists to track their physical activity and wellbeing. The project helps to address the challenge of declining fitness levels of the conscripts and reservists.This ecosystem pilot collects and uses data of well-being and behaviour of pilot project participants, measured with wearables by themselves and with their consent. Disclosing the collected data to various parties helps the conscripts to create personal health-promoting solutions for example with healthcare professionals. 

The data platform created in the project offers a secure place for collecting data about factors that influence the performance of conscripts. 

A model is developed for the authorisation and utilisation procedures related to well-being data. The model can be used in different areas, such as healthcare, well-being at work and basic education. 

Outcomes & Testimonials

The initiative creating a comprehensive awareness of age group’s wellbeing, can have a far reaching effect on society as about 80% of Finnish men, and some women, complete national military service.

Intelligent Wellbeing application provides trainers with a dashboard of conscripts ’ physical stress and recovery on exercise, group and individual level.

Created project code and other deliverables will be published in Github-platform once the project is completed. The pilot project began in spring 2019 and will continue approximately until the end of summer 2020.  

In the technical pilot projects supported by Sitra, the partners build technical solutions or entire services based on the principles of the IHAN operating model.