DataFund pilot

Fairdrop consent receipt manager

The Consent Receipt Suite by Datafund is a suite of open source programs in React that you can integrate into your product to allow you to issue and work with Kantara compliant consent receipts enabling also blockchain traceability, signing and storing them on Swarm decentralized storage.

With GDPR, the need to have proper processes in place related to personally identifiable data (PII) became a necessity. Consent by the individual is needed in many cases, when PII are processed. Consent receipts are a way to record a given consent in a standardized way.

Having a consent receipt is good for both the individual as well as for the data controller. It is a record of agreement about usage of PII that both parties can refer to. Additional solutions can also be offered on top of these records – opening a way towards more advanced data economy services. In this Datafund solution, the consent receipts were implemented according to Kantara specification. 

The created project code and other deliverables will be published in Github-platform once the project is completed. The project will end in 2020. 

In the technical pilot projects supported by Sitra, the partners build technical solutions or entire services based on the principles of the IHAN operating model.

Watch the video to learn more about Consent Receipt Suite