Digital company service

Data sharing as a base for a digital company application

Companies are vital to creating economic growth and thus social well-being. However, for small companies in particular the administrative processes in Finland are siloed, manual and still paper-based. We need efficient and scalable digital data sharing between the public and private sectors to ease the administrative burden of companies and to attract foreign firms interested in building their business in Finland. Data economy structures are crucial to enabling this and to building a base for the real-time economy.

Trialling the real-time economy in practice

In a three-month project, the Finnish Tax administration (Vero), the Finnish patent and registration office (PRH) and the companies Digital Living and Nixu created a digital company concept and carried out a practical experiment using the IHAN testbed. The data sharing was implemented by using the PRH trade registry extract and companies’ ownership data and using the consent given by companies to control who has access to the data. The solution proved that standardised, machine-readable data sharing with the consent of companies is possible with the current technology. The experiment will continue by trying out the data sharing with companies’ financial data, and by testing the same digital company concept with Estonia via the X-Road infrastructure and with the Nordic Smart Government programme in conjunction with Norway and Sweden.