IRMA BB Consent pilot

The Blue Button Consent

The BB Consent project is developing a number of components, essential for the IHAN Blueprint. These include consent management and service management. 

Quite a few interesting implementations of similar functionality exist. In the Netherlands, IRMA is a prominent open source example thereof. 

IRMA is a mobile application with which users can receive and share attributes; the name IRMA stands for “I reveal my attributes”. The app is developed by Radboud University in the Netherlands. 

Prototype implementation explained

IRMA focuses on sharing attributes and signing in a digital world. It allows the user to only share attributes that are needed in a certain use case or context, without providing other information. 

IRMA is a so-called personal data sharing application: a user can store their personal data on their phone (and not on a server) and can decide themselves with whom part of the data is shared. 

For example, a user can choose to prove only that they are over 18, without revealing their date of birth. Or, a user can prove that they are a student, without showing at which university or which faculty.

The created project code and other deliverables will be published in Github-platform once the project is completed. The BB Consent project will end in the summer 2020.

In the technical pilot projects supported by Sitra, the partners build technical solutions or entire services based on the principles of the IHAN operating model.