Mycelia pilot

Digital identity standards for music makers: concept and motivation explained

The Mycelia project defines the new digital identity standard for music makers. The project was founded by musician Imogen Heap. 

Mycelia Passport is the digital container to hold verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms. It helps get music makers and their works linked and open data for business and speeds up the payment flow to artists.

Digital identity standards for music makers: prototype implementation explained

In the future, the service could change the earning logic in the music industry by speeding up the accumulation of income from various sources and by allowing direct payments to artists from music listeners without any intermediaries. 

Simultaneously, artists can manage the rights to their works with less effort and utilise the listener statistics for their songs from multiple services.

The created project code and other deliverables will be published in Github-platform once the project is completed. The project will end in 2020. 

In the technical pilot projects supported by Sitra, the partners build technical solutions or entire services based on the principles of the IHAN operating model.

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