Olympic athletes pilot

Personal data supporting the optimal training of top athletes

In a joint pilot project, the Finnish Olympic Committee, Polar and Tieto are testing a new system for gathering and analyzing the performance data of athletes.

Currently, the Finnish athletes lack solutions for the broad-based collection of data and its secure distribution to coaches and other support staff. Data is held in several information systems, which are difficult to use together.

Training data and well-being data is collected from the wearables and measuring devices used by athletes, as well as from their training environment. The data is used to support the coaching and optimal training of the athletes.

This joint project fires the starting pistol for the development of a Finnish elite sports information system. Finnish sports research is being developed to be more data-driven and top-level national sport directors will get a better view of the athletes’ overall situation.

Outcomes and testimonials

  • Data platform and training analytics to enable visibility to individual athletes’ performance.

  • Data driven ecosystem to improve training, drive competition performance and develop research

The created project code and other deliverables will be published in GitHub-platform once the project is completed. The project will end in summer 2020. 

In the technical pilot projects supported by Sitra, the partners build technical solutions or entire services based on the principles of the IHAN operating model.