Seamless customer experience in investor services

Customers are the most valuable asset not only for companies but public organisations alike. For a public organisation like Business Finland, the customer experience has a huge impact on the national economy by fuelling the innovation of companies and securing foreign investments in Finland. Business Finland has set clear objectives to develop seamless customer paths and to develop interoperable services that will make the use of funding instruments and the match-making of investors and companies as easy as possible which requires data sharing in a trusted manner as well as interoperable customer identities.

Testing interoperable customer identity and data sharing between investors and startups

Based on the newly modelled customer path, Business Finland began experimentation on the IHAN testbed. A standardised and single-sign on login with multi-tiered authentication was experimented together with sharing of the private company data to demonstrate how AI based tools can provide better match-making for companies and investors with more accurate data. The experimentation was quick and the overall implementation took roughly a month. Based on the experiences from the experimentation, Business Finland will continue to building the capabilities towards digital customership.